Wanderer derives from the term planet. Planets (Greek: planētēs) are celestial bodies reflecting sunlight, which move on an elliptical orbit as ‚ ́Wandelsterne ́ around the sun and in this sense were referred to as ‚ ́Wanderer ́ .
Wanderer is an installation in the form of a two-part dodecahedron. The dodecahedron consists of twelve regular pentagons and is considered the most perfect of the Platonic bodies. Plato (about 428-348 B.C.) assigned the twelvehedron the meaning of the ether. The ether is understood in the Indian teaching as fifth element beside earth, water, fire, air and stands for space, the infinite, the universe, the divine.
The composition of sound and light of the installation is based on the principle of the cosmic octave and the binaural beats resulting from the Schuman resonance. The lowest octaves of the planetary tones penetrate the left and right ear via headphones with a frequency difference of 7.83 Hz and stimulate the brain waves in the theta area (deep meditation). The distances of the celestial bodies to the earth and the reference of the Cosmic Octave to the spiritual centers of the body (chakras) form the basis of the composition. The composition begins with the frequency tones of the dwarf planet Pluto and ends with the platonic year tone – which is located in the crown chakra and stands for the expansion of consciousness. The year tone of the earth (136,10 Hz) is one of the most important frequencies and is regarded as the „OM“ in spiritual and esoteric circles. For the stimulation of the brain waves in the delta area (regeneration), 135.6 Hz resulted for the left ear and 136.6 Hz for the right ear when using 1 Hz. As a continuous soundtrack, the pink noise, through the composition of many different frequencies at the same volume, causes a suppression of disturbing ambient noises. Pink noise is perceived as pleasant and associated with natural sounds. By mixing the frequencies with the so-called ́Pink Noise ́, the effect of neurostimulation can be enhanced.
However, to achieve an awakened mind, a form of consciousness expansion, light impulses are added to increase the frequency response. Consequently, if acoustic and/or optical stimuli are applied to the human brain over a longer period of time, the brain waves begin to oscillate in the electrical wave pattern of the frequencies used. Thus, the associated color spectra of the planets complement the binaural beats in the form of a stroboscope light that controls and stimulates the alpha waves in the 10 Hz range in the brain. The same principle prevails in shamanistic rituals. Here trance states are attained with constant drum beats – in a theta frequency – as well as by the flickering of the campfire standing in the center of the meeting with the present ones.
To activate the 3rd eye – the pineal gland – daylight (6000 Kelvin) is added to enable the brain to develop new thought structures and sensations.
The realization in form of the installation ́Wanderer ́ unites the theories of spiritual and esoteric circles as well as mathematics and music with the researches of the neurosciences. The possibility of stimulating explicit brain waves by permanently listening to binaural beats and thus being able to reach any state of consciousness, up to the expansion of consciousness, is a visionary idea to be investigated.

By Susann Kreplin