My art studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academyin Amsterdam I dedicated my diploma thesis from the year 2017 to the topic of fetishism from a female perspective.

The work consisted of a multi-media installation with videos, photographs and spatial interventions. By using different media, I developed a space that influences the viewer on different levels.

The center piece was an accumulation of screens on/around a table, showing a total of 5 videos and 2 photographs.

To point out our everyday digital handling of sexuality, the screens consisted of a laptop, iPad and TV monitors.

The interventions in the exhibition space related to the fetish element of the sexually charged everyday object.

The subject should be shown digitally, offensively and analogously subjectively and together form a unit of space in which the viewer can ask his own question about fetishism. The videos consist of performative elements, whereby everyday objects are at the centre of the Video works.

Tiziana KrΓΌger’s works comprise a multimedia examination of socio-political themes, with the dialogue between work and space in the foreground.

She graduated from the Photography Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2017.

The artist lives and works in Berlin.