My name is Timo Heijnk, born 1996 in Ahaus.  I`m an interior architecture student at the University of applied arts `TH OWL` in Detmold.

In my studies I encounter new inspiration and motivation each day to develop my abilities in  painting. The things I‘m taught about colors, composition, perspectives and much more kept increasing my interest in abstract painting.

My social environment influences me alot, no matter if friends, students, or professors. The constant exchange about common interests also contributes to my motivation.
My abstract paintings create unplanned space and depths. There are always different ways to 
interpret these things for oneself which creates lightness and vividness. I often choose a color 
tone before i start painting. The rest of the process is impulsive and develops while painting. I am fascinated by the process of painting and by the final painting itself because there is a therapeutic impact for me in each.

Mixing the colors, painting the canvas, the movement of the brush, finding new subjects while looking at the canvas.