Since 1983, many very different people from Bielefeld and the surrounding area have been developing their own theatre in the Bethel Theatre Workshop. In open workshops and workshops, they use artistic means to exchange ideas about life issues that are important to them, and express their ideas in productions and performances. Since 2005 this work has been running under the name Volxtheater. The Volxtheater of the Theaterwerkstatt Bethel unites artists from a wide range of areas of society. It encourages artistic dialogue between people from different walks of life. The play of the participants is fed by the potential of the great diversity of their life experiences and ways of thinking. What is played is what the participants are interested in and what they consider important.

This year, the Volxperformance group asks itself: Where do we feel at home? Do we still need a home in times of extreme acceleration and mobility? and: What can this home look like? Because in times of rapid rent increases, structural change, rural exodus, the outpatient treatment of people in need of support and other factors of social change, the housing situation of large parts of the population in Europe is increasingly a pressing issue. But „at home“ refers to much more than that. It means places of security, refuge and social rootedness. On the basis of current texts, discussions, own interests, ideas and visions, a performance was created in collective cooperation that inspires reflection, that confronts and touches decisions.

Director: Laura Kreutz, Mitja Brinkkötter und Nicole Zielke
Actor: Mitja Brinkkötter, Medea Feidieker, Alexander Kapis, Mark König, Irmi Kreutz, Laura Kreutz, Berit Meiners, Katrin Meyer, Sigrid Polanski, Lucie Quack, Dietmar Teich, Bettina Weber, Isabel Weber, Navid Razavi, Nicole Zielke